Allograft Offerings

Allograft Offerings

MTF offers a complete line of allograft bone, sports tissue and dermal tissue. To download our current PDF catalog, click here.

Allograft – Bone

     Bone void fillers
     • Morselized allografts 
          – Cancellous
          – Cortical/cancellous
          – Demineralized

     Structural allografts
     • Spine and general orthopaedic tissue
          – Dowels, wedges, blocks
          – Cross sections, spacers
          – Strips, shafts, struts
     • Spinal spacers, machined
     • Large segmental and reconstructive tissue

Sports Tissue

     • Ligament reconstruction
     • Meniscus and cartilage
     • Biologics, scaffolds and fixation

Dermal Tissue

     • Acellular dermal allografts
          – FlexHD® Acellular Hydrated Dermis
          – BellaDerm® Acellular Hydrated Dermis
          – AllopatchHD® Acellular Hydrated Dermis
          – DermaMatrix™ Acellular freeze dried dermis
          – PerioDerm™ Acellular freeze dried dermis
     • Cypropreserved split thickness skin grafts