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MTF Changing Lives videos are inspiring and motivational stories of tissue transplantation. Please watch and share these inspiring stories!

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Mary Louis

Mary – breast reconstruction with skin grafts. Mary, an energetic teacher in Houston, was devastated by the news of triple negative breast cancer. After a double mastectomy, she had lost all hope that she could regain her confidence and return to her life before cancer until she discovered the life changing impact of the gift of tissue donation.


Chris – spine graft recipient. When his sister needed a kidney transplant, Chris donated one of his kidneys to help her. Ironically, years later, he never imagined that he would be on the receiving end of such a gift.


Tom – bone with stem cells graft recipient. Tom’s story recounts how after a life-threatening ATV accident, he is on the road to recovery. Tom faced potential paralysis, but after several surgeries and physical therapy, he has resumed everyday activities. The MTF tissue form Trinity Evolution helped him get his life back.


Sue – breast reconstruction with skin grafts. At age 50, Sue was counting her blessings. She had a wonderful husband, two great kids doing well in college, a fulfilling career, and a comfortable and happy home life. Then she heard the words she'd been dreading: breast cancer.


Naomi – tendon graft recipient. Children who are born with Down Syndrome have a much higher chance of experiencing soft tissue injuries in their lifetime. Naomi was one of those kids. Her love of baseball was threatened when she could no longer run without her knee cap displacing.