Preserving Tissue Integrity

The Better Approach to Preserving Tissue Integrity

Tissue banks use a variety of techniques to clean, process and sterilize their allografts—but some of these methods have been shown to damage tissue quality. And that could mean a less than optimum outcome for your patient.

These aggressive approaches to disinfection and sterilization can have an adverse effect on the ability of tissue to form new bone.

Effects of Aggressive Processing and Sterilization Techniques on Tissue Performance

MTF’s approach ensures a high level of safety without compromising biological and mechanical integrity. Not all forms of human tissue are the same, nor should they be processed the same way. MTF has developed and validated several tissue cleaning technologies (ATP Technical Brief and DBX Technical Brief) to provide safe and high quality allograft bone, soft tissue and skin. MTF DBX tissue has been shown to result in better incorporation in vivo when compared to tissue from other sources.

MTF is able to avoid harsh chemical and sterilization techniques because of the state-of-the-art method used to evaluate incoming donor tissue. This method, the VanGuard Method™, far exceeds the industry standard evaluation technique of recovery swabs. We are able to obtain a higher level of accuracy in evaluation with a technique that is reinventing the tissue banking industry.