Donor Family Services

Recovery Partners

The U.S. has a well-organized system of recovery organizations to meet the needs of potential donor families in every hospital in the nation. The Federal Government requires every hospital to participate in the tissue donation process through the Medicare Hospitals Conditions of Participation. These recovery agencies serve as the vital link between the donor and recipient and are responsible for the identification of donors, the retrieval, preservation and transportation of organs and tissue. As a resource to the community, recovery agencies also engage in public education on the critical need for donors. MTF provides fully integrated and customized tissue recovery services to its recovery partners, which allow them to better serve the needs of hospitals in their service areas. If you are a donor family, you may be able to get additional information from your local recovery organization.

Recovery Partners
Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency
Carolina Donor Services
Center for Donation and Transplant
Donor Network of Arizona
Donor Network West
Georgia Regents University
Gift of Life Donor Program
Gift of Life Michigan Organ & Tissue Donation Program
Intermountain Donor Services
Legacy of Life Hawaii
Life Alaska Donor Services
LifeCenter Northwest
LifeChoice Donor Services
LifePoint, Inc.
LifeShare of Oklahoma
The Living Legacy Foundation
Midwest Transplant Network
Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency
MTF Tissue Services (Albany, Syracuse and Rochester, NY)
Nebraska Organ Recovery System
New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network
Tissue Bank of Manitoba
Transplant Services Center, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Wisconsin Tissue Bank

Referring Recovery Organizations
Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network