Donor Family Services

Grief Resources

Bereavement services are designed to help you cope with your loss, while appreciating the incredible gift your loved one has made to others. Depending on the recovery agency where the donation took place, services often include:

     • Personal phone calls
     • Remembrances, including sympathy, birthday and holiday cards
     • A free, informative packet with bereavement support literature, support group information and more

You may also request information about tissue recipients, including their age range, gender, location and type of transplant.

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Linking Lives is a voluntary program that gives tissue recipients the opportunity to write a letter to their donor family. You simply send your letter to MTF, and we’ll forward it to the agency that recovered the tissue. The agency then sends the letter to the donor family.

The donor family may choose to reply to your letter. Since the program began in 2007, over 17,000 letters have been written by tissue recipients and about 700 donor families have responded.

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